7 Steps Every Pet Owner Needs to Take to Stage and Sell Their Home


7 Steps Every Pet Owner Needs to Take to Stage and Sell Their Home


If you have pets and are trying to sell your home, getting ready for showings can be a little tricky. While you may think your pet is adorable, many prospective buyers can be turned off by a home if it looks like pets have lived there. Fears about smells, stains, and allergies can weigh heavy on their minds, so it’s usually best to take steps to stage your home so people cannot tell you have a pet. Want to be sure you’re not overlooking something? Here are seven steps you need to stage your home when you have a pet.


Get All Pet Items, and Your Pet, Out of Sight


When staging your home for a showing, it’s in your best interests to remove all signs of pets, if possible. This means not only putting away the litter box and dog food but possibly even temporarily removing your pets from the home. If you can, bring them with you to a friend’s house or to a local pet daycare. If you have a partner or family members who can take them for a walk or ride, that could work as well. Make sure you have a plan for sudden showings as well.


Deep Clean Every Week


Pet hair and dander can build up quickly. If your house is on the market, you may want to take one day a week to deep clean areas where pets like to linger. Dust baking soda over fabrics and carpet to absorb pet smells and then take a couple passes with a vacuum. Make sure you wipe down baseboards, clean out corners, and dust any fans or light fixtures. You may even consider hiring help to deep clean or maintain your home while it’s on the market.


Complete a Quick Clean Before Showings


Sometimes you’ll have plenty of warning before showings, but it’s likely there will be some last-minute appointments. Try not to stress out, and get some quick cleaning done before potential buyers arrive. Have a plan for pets, and then stash belongings in a storage area. To further conceal pet supplies, you can keep a box or storage container in a closet to hide them. Then, do some fast dusting and clean up the floors to remove visible fur.


Maintain a Neat and Tidy Yard


If your pet goes outside, you’ll need to pay attention to those areas as well. Pick up pet waste, and rinse lawns to diffuse odors. Pick up toys and bowls and have a place you can quickly store them during showings. It’s also a good idea to repair any damage your pet may have caused. Most people know that yellow grass means pets live on the property. Fill in any holes and mend any yellow or discolored spots in your grass.


Think Twice About Using Scents


You can find quite a few articles online telling you to use scented candles or cookies during showings. While that may have worked decades ago, using strong scents now can be a sign that you are trying to cover something up. Find ways to neutralize any pet odors rather than cover them up, and open a few windows to air rooms out. If you decide to use scents, choose ones that will actually make your home smell good to most potential buyers.


Consider Having Floors Cleaned


Pets can do a number on floors, and the stains and odors can be tough for the average homeowner to get out. Carpets can be especially tricky to clean. Before you even think about scheduling your first showing, consult a professional carpet cleaning service to get your floors and rugs spotless. Then, make sure you take care of accidents as soon as they happen to keep stains from coming up during showings.


When your house is on the market, proper staging can really put you ahead of the real estate competition. If you have pets, part of your prep work should be to keep your critters off of the minds of potential buyer so they can think of the wonderful memories they can make in your home instead. Best of luck on your showings and on selling your house!


Article provided by Medina at DogEtiquette.info.


Photo Credit: Pexels