New Construction Home Sales in Woodbridge, Stafford & Fredericksburg VA Considerations

Think About This Before You Buy

Due to the heavy transient population in Northern Virginia, the housing market is active.  Military, DOD and even civilian workers find themselves moving out of the area after just two or three years of being here. In Woodbridge, Stafford and Fredericksburg, VA there is a fairly large amount of new housing being constructed, so if you plan to buy new construction in this market, it's important to consider the amount of time you expect to stay in your new home.

Why is this? Consider the advice of Patrick Beagle, a certified financial planner who specializes in helping military families. He recommends only buying a home if you plan to be in an area 3-5 years.

Remember, the home will probably have to appreciate in value by 6% or more just to cover the costs associated with buying and selling. ~ Kiplinger


Even more conservative money managers recommend a home buy if you plan to live in or own the home for at least 10 years. This brings up an important point: if you plan to settle in the area in the future, you can rent out your property and build equity that way.

Whether you plan to buy, buy with the intention to rent upon a PCS or corporate move; or have decided to rent while you're here - I can help!


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