What Buyers Need to Know About New Construction Home Sales in Woodbridge VA, Stafford VA and Fredericksburg VA

It's Important to Hire a REALTOR® When You Begin Your New Construction Home Search

Words of Wisdom

Purchasing new construction is usually more complicated and intimidating than buying a resale home. It is important with a new-home purchase that a buyer hire a real estate agent to represent them in this process. This agent should be a local expert and have experience with newly constructed homes. Builder contracts and the building process is different from what most real estate agents deal with on a daily basis, so having new construction experience is important. Inman, April 2015

If your home search is leading you toward buying a new construction home, you should know that hiring me as your REALTOR® early on in the process will save you time, money and potential heartbreak. As a REALTOR® and former sales agent for Stafford home builders, I understand what buyers need to know about new construction home sales in Woodbridge, Stafford and Fredericksburg VA. 

A strategic plan saves time & gives your search direction

We should meet before you visit any builders or a new construction communities to set a strategy for finding your new home. With so many new home developments (and builders) in Woodbridge, Stafford and Fredericksburg, it doesn't make sense to visit them all. Also, because I was a builder's sales agent in the area for so long, 

I have many connections and can make suggestions based on what I know. We can meet to select the communities that match your budget, have the house layouts you desire and meet community/amenity requirements. This will keep you from wasting time traveling to communities that don't meet your needs. 

Representation protects you from getting a bad deal

The contract you sign for your house comes from the builder. It's their sales agent who presents it to you and makes sure the best interests of the company are maintained. Who's looking out for you as the buyer? A home is the largest investment most of us make and with so much money, emotion and time at stake, you should have representation from a REALTOR®. Especially from one with experience in the new construction home buying process. 

My REALTOR® commission will be paid by the builder at closing.  A common misconception is that builders increase the purchase price if buyers employ a REALTOR®. This is not true!

Builders price new construction homes with all of their expenses accounted for, including the cost of paying their sales agents AND compensating your REALTOR®. If you don’t have representation do they pass this savings onto you? No, their profit margin increases and the buyer does not receive a price reduction. 

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